MOOC on dialogue

A new MOOC on educational dialogue

A member of CEDiR has developed a free MOOC titled ‘Educational dialogue: Developing your practice’, which is currently undergoing its first live trial. The course is 6 weeks in length, with a new module or theme every week to focus on, read about, do related activities and contribute to an ongoing discussion on the forum.

There are two strands to the course: the first strand of the course is for facilitators and the second strand is for inquirers.

Facilitators are individuals who will already have some familiarity with educational dialogue and wish to take their knowledge a step further to support their colleagues in developing their dialogic practices. The purpose of this course for the facilitator strand is to support participants in developing a facilitation model and plan and equip them with the tools to be able to support their colleagues in developing their dialogic practices.

Inquirers are individuals who want to learn more about educational dialogue and conduct their own reflective inquiry into their practice but are not interested in guiding their colleagues through the same process at this point in time. The purpose of this course for inquirers is to provide a space to learn about educational dialogue and feel supported in conducting a reflective cycles of classroom inquiry.

The content that is currently on this site was created for the first iteration and live trial of the course, which combines two strands: strand 1 for Facilitators and strand 2 for Inquirers. The content will be left online for anyone to take as a self-paced course series. There will be two more courses launched over the summer months on this same platform: one that will focus on the theory of educational dialogue, and one that will be the inquirer strand of the current course. The current course will then focus more centrally on facilitators.

The next live trial of all of these courses will take place in autumn 2021. If you are interested in participating in one of the autumn 2021 trials, or if you would like to be kept updated on the new courses when they’re all available as self-paced, please register your interest via this google form or email the course creator Meaghan Brugha directly at

Conducting a reflective inquiry

A step-by-step guide to conduct a reflective inquiry into your practice


An interactive version of the T-SEDA resource pack