Cambridge educational dialogue MOOC series

Open online courses for teachers and educators

The Cambridge Educational Dialogue Research (CEDiR) Group is pleased to present a series of free, open online courses for teachers and educators. Each course lasts six weeks and can be taken as a ‘live course’ with a cohort of teachers or a self-paced course. These courses are for all teachers and educators interested in learning to use dialogic approaches to enhance their teaching and improve learning including those working in any setting and with any age group.

All courses are free and open access and certificates will be provided on course completion from the T-SEDA group.

The course series includes:

Course 1: The fundamentals of educational dialogue (live cohort currently in session from Feb 28th – Apr 10th, 2022)

Course 2: Conducting a reflective inquiry using T-SEDA (next live cohort TBD)

Course 3: Supporting your colleagues through facilitation (next live cohort TBD, all materials currently available as a self-paced module via the link)

There is an additional course for those working in Islamic settings:

Course 1A: Dialogue in Islamic classrooms: Using Halaqah to develop Shakhsiyah (live cohort May 9th – June 17th, 2022)

If you are interested in participating in one of these courses, or if you would like to be kept updated on the new courses when they’re available as self-paced modules, please register your interest via this google form or email the course creators Meaghan Brugha ( and Farah Ahmed (

Conducting a reflective inquiry

A step-by-step guide to conduct a reflective inquiry into your practice


An interactive version of the T-SEDA resource pack