Dialogue & cultural literacy

Dialogue and Argumentation for Cultural Literacy Learning in Schools (DIALLS)

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Dialogue & Argumentation for Cultural Literacy Learning in Schools (DIALLS) is a three-year European project which has focused on teaching children in primary and secondary schools the dialogue skills needed to engage together with tolerance, empathy and inclusion; behaviours that we argue are central to becoming culturally literate.

Our Cultural Literacy Learning Programme (CLLP) uses short, wordless films as stimuli for discussions about cultural themes related to living together, social responsibility and belonging. In these difficult times learning to communicate ideas and understand each other’s perspective is more important than ever.

The project has developed a freely available Teacher Resource Bank that includes:

  • A programme of lessons for cultural literacy learning in KS1, KS2 and KS3 with specially licensed short films and lesson prompts (The CLLP)
  • An additional library of films with discussion prompts for teachers to extend cultural literacy learning in the classroom
  • Professional Development materials that cover: Exploring Cultural Literacy; Promoting and Building Dialogue in the Classroom; the Wonders of Wordless Films
  • Progression tools for dialogue and cultural literacy learning that support assessment and planning

Further resources for researchers include a Multilingual Corpus of classroom data from seven countries where classes were recorded engaging in the same lessons from the CLLP.

A special page for policymakers includes our reports, policy briefs and publications.  Please visit the DIALLS website for further information and resources.