Talk about talk

First steps towards more dialogic teaching

Talking points about talk

This is a resource that can be used as the initial basis for an activity in which students consider together how to make their talk in groups most effective.

Activity: talking points about talk

Talk about talk

These ‘talk about talk’ activities can be used to support students in:

  1. thinking together about different kinds of talk; and
  2. deciding what kinds of talk suits what particular purposes.

Activity: talk about talk


Finding out by talking together

These activities can be used to support students to:

  1. audit what talk skills they already have, and see how they can be built on;
  2. use and evaluate productive questioning and active listening.

Activity: finding out by talking together

Ground rules

Establish ground rules of communication 

Talking points

Thought provoking statements to support rich discussions

Classroom planning tips to encourage dialogue

Planning tips to encourage classroom talk

Steps in developing a dialogic ethos

A guide to developing a classroom ethos that promotes dialogue

Promoting dialogic interactions

Requirements and activities for effective group work

Introductory video series on educational dialogue

Collections of videos regarding educational dialogue