Talking points

Thought provoking statements to support discussion

Talking points

If you have not already watched it, Video 4 from the Introductory Video Series provides an overview of talking points, which is a powerful tool for stimulating classroom dialogue.

This reading explains talking points in more detail and promotes strategies and activities to use them in class.

Reading: talking points

Talking tools

Initially, students may need to be offered key phrases which will help them to generate exploratory talk. Learning how to use such phrases – or ‘talk tools’ – is a life skill (Dawes, 2012).

Resource: talk tools

Talk about talk

A first step towards more dialogic teaching

Ground rules

Establish ground rules of communication 

Classroom planning tips to encourage dialogue

Planning tips to encourage classroom talk

Steps in developing a dialogic ethos

A guide to developing a classroom ethos that promotes dialogue

Promoting dialogic interactions

Requirements and activities for effective group work

Introductory video series

Collections of videos regarding educational dialogue