Dialogue between peers

Exploring dialogic practices between peers

Dialogic teaching should encompass not only the development of dialogue in whole-class interactions, but the active adoption of these dialogic practices in group interactions. This requires not only something relevant to talk about but an understanding by the learners of what is required to get the most out of talking together in groups.

Research shows that studentsā€˜ learning can be improved by discussion and collaboration in small groups. However, research has also shown that simply asking students to go and work and talk together in groups will often not produce high quality discussion and learning. Students need to develop the necessary discussion skills for group work to be productive and reflect on the purposes and functions of group work, and teachers need to help them do so. Ground rules are very important here.

Promoting dialogic interactions between peers

Dialogic teaching

Aims and key indicators of dialogic teaching

Whole class dialogue

Indicators and ways of promoting whole-class dialogue